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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization has a role in every companies website development & marketing efforts. SEO allows your website to increase its rankings in the SERPS(Search Engine Results Pages), thereby driving more traffic and more customers to your site. The work required for increased rankings is becoming more involved and complex every day, so you will want to deal with a SEO Company that understands the latest trends and techniques in order to get the best results for your company.


SEO is divided into two areas… 

On Page Factors

On Page Factors – The text and Content, Meta Tags, Keywords and Architecture of your website

  1. Search Engine Friendly URLs – this allows for inclusion of your keywords in the URL of a page instead of some cryptic code that has no meaning to anyone, including Search Engines or Humans!
  2. Title Tags – Optimize your Title tags to tell visitors what your site is all about
  3. Description – While this is not an important ranking factor, it is extremely important to getting  the visitors to the search engines to click through to your site. Think of this as a mini advertisement, mix in some keywords and don’t forget a call to action and phone#
  4. Optimization of Meta Tags – This includes the Title, Keywords, Description
  5. Sitemap – This facilitates indexing by the search engines. The sitemap tells the search engines what the page is, where it is located, how often ti check for updates and more.
  6. Internal Linking – At the very least, the major pages of your site should be lined to the home page. Internal Linking also allows you to shape the ranking of your site and individual pages by directing Page Rank to other pages and preventing it from begin directed to others by using a NoFollow attribute on the links.
  7. Content – While SEO is an important factor, great content is a requirement for not only getting your pages ranked, but also for converting your visitors to customers. Too many people get caught up in perfecting the SEO value of a page to the detriment of the human visitors and fail to convert at a high enough level to sustain them. It is critical to create content that while SEO friendly still meets the primary goal of increasing your business. Having said that, it is important to use Keywords in strategic locations, H1 tags and keyword density guidelines.


Off Page Factors

onpage seo factors
Off Page Factors – The links pointing back to your site, Authority of those links, Link Popularity, Anchor Text used in Link and more.
  1. Links, Links and more Links! – Links to your site are a vote for your site. It indicates that someone thought enough of something on your site to link to it. Google Loves Links! Remember, not all links are created equal, if the site is popular and has a high Page Rank itself, that is a very good thing and you will be rewarded by receiving a Page Rank bump from this link. If the site is on a link farm or a known “paid link service” , then Google will not give you a PR bonus, instead just ignoring that link entirely. There are a number of other link factors we will discuss in other areas of the site, but for now you need to understand that LINKS ARE KING!


The critical nature of SEO for small and medium Local Businesses can be seen from the following:

  • Page1 of Google Ranking
    • #1 in the search results gets 36.4% of all click-through’s
    • #2 receives around 12.5%
    • #3 gets 9.5%
    • #4 gets 7.9%
    • #5 gets 6.1%
    • #6 gets 4.1%
    • All others get approx. 10%
  • The top 10 (usually, the first page of the results) receive close to 90% of all traffic
    • Page2 gets 4.4%
    • Page3 gets 2.4%
    • Page4 gets 1%

Search Engine Results Pages(SERPS) are taking the place of all other forms of directories, listings, yellow pages, etcin the US, 86% of people surveyed said they use the Internet to find a local business, and 80% reported that they found a product or service online.

In light of these overwhelming facts, it is critical for your business to engage a reputable SEO company in order to position your company in a better position. Local businesses will get better SEO packages if they hire a SEO expert who knows the local business landscape.


In order to get your site ranked as high as possible in the Search Engines, it’s critical to employ good SEO as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more head start your competitors have and the harder you have to play catch up. As we said, Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) lays the groundwork for other Internet Marketing techniques and strategies to enable your company to be more successful.